Asha Simpson
Asame 30

Ain’t That America

Oakland has always been a home to low income families, but Oakland has not always looked the way it does today. Forty years ago Oakland had booming businesses and the community looked better because we had money in our community. After the introduction of Cointelpro, families were broken up because people were killed or incarcerated for trying to fight more change. This was harm to the wellbeing of the community done purposely by the government so they can have more power. The government has done similar harmful acts to hinder small communities to widen the gap between the rich and poor, ultimately leading to rule by the wealthy. It becomes clear to the reader the main concern coming from a low income household, the storm tearing through the concept of Democracy affects my future as a student, worker and citizen and there is a need to spread awareness to promote activism.
Poverty has a negative effect on education due to the lack of resources. The government is working for what’s best for their pockets. The lack of government support leads to lack of resources resulting in poverty affecting student’s education. Because only rich people get special bills to benefit them, it’s hard for poor people to come out of poverty. There’s a limit on education because families are not able to afford to go to college to get a degree. As long as students struggle to survive living in poverty, they will continue to fall behind in the education system and the gap in education will continue to grow. Not having a degree leaves people only able to work minimum wage jobs.
Becoming a worker in this economy is hard due to competition. Throughout the Bay Area a major concern is the lack of jobs. the government isn’t making more jobs so the few that are available are flooded with applicants. Unless a menial job sounds desirable, there is a lot of competition for jobs. There are only minimum wage jobs available to colored...