Oakland a's - Moneyball

Oakland A's - Moneyball
ADM 1165
University of New Brunswick

One man has been able to change the way baseball is perceived today. The man who was able to do this was named Billy Beane. Billy did this with his idea of “money ball”. Since he has introduced this idea in 2002, it has drastically changed the financial aspect of the game of baseball and still does today. By looking at small aspects of the game he managed to figure out a way to beat the odds.
              The game of baseball was drastically changed when a man named Billy Beane came up with a brilliant idea. Billy began his career as a major league baseball player; he played for the Athletics from 1984 until 1989. He played left field, but never stood out as being an all-star. (“Billy Beane,” 2014) Over the five years he played for the A’s his numbers quickly dropped and he then retired. Still interested in a career in baseball, Billy joined the front office of the Oakland Athletics as a scout in 1990. Beane was a scout for the A’s for eight years. A scout is usually a veteran baseball player because they have many years of experience and knowledge they can apply.   Scouts are responsible for choosing the players they think have the most potential. They pick these players from lower levels of the organization like the AAA and AA divisions (“Talent Scout,” 2000). After viewing the A’s scouting procedure and seeing how they choose their players, Billy came to realize there was a problem in their procedure. Billy was a scout for the A’s up until 1998 when he became the general manager for the Athletics. It wasn’t easy for a team like the Oakland A’s back then to afford the best baseball players (Hammonds, 2003). This was because teams like New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs were dominating the money game. These teams could afford the big time players every team thought they needed to win games. The game has been looked at as more of a financial competition instead of an athletic one. For...