Nwz Hangover

“Effect of In-Clutter Advertising on Brand Recall”

Tuesday (15:15 – 18:00)

Abdul Sattar Ansari (Captain)
Syed Mojiz Raza Rizvi
            Faheem Muhammad Hamid
Muhammad Yasir
Muhammad Abdullah (15625)
                                    Ahsan Bashir (16325)

A Research Project
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
For the degree of Bachelors of Business Administration
To Iqra University Research Centre (IURC)
At the Iqra University,
Main Campus, Karachi.

Karachi, Pakistan
April, 2014


This report would not have been possible without the very important and friendly help of several individuals who have took part and showed their valuable assistance and preparation of this study. Firstly, I would like to thanks Allah Almighty, for the acumen and rational capacity due to which we were able to complete this research project and we acknowledge the support of Dr. M.I Subhani and Dr. Akif Hassan for give the chance to practice this project.

We would further like to express our gratitude to the technical and academic staff of Iqra University Research Centre (IURC) who have responded to our questions and helped us in our research.

Finally, we would like to thanks to our family, friends and colleagues who provided all secondary support and help us to perk up and process our work.


This study examined the effect of in clutter advertising on brand recall on under graduating students of Iqra University, conducting a movie gala of three shows. In first show five different TV add were shown, in the second show total ten TV add were shown out of which five were of first show and rest were new and in the third show fifteen different TV add were shown out of which ten add were of first and second show and the rest were new, the impact these adds were recorded in the form of questionnaires at the end of each show respectively.