Nvq3 Identify the Different Reasons People Communicate

Sandra Isaac
      1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate ;
People communicate in many different ways to get a message across. We will use touch, eye contact, facial expression, body movement and language, dress, sounds written and verbal words.
We use all of the above to convey our needs and feelings to each other and ourselves.
Communication forms relationships and is usually a two way process. By exploring these avenues of communication we learn to build relationships.
We can share ideas and information, express emotions, build social and work relations, share experiences, to understand and be understood. It helps to show others they are valued and is an essential part of all our lives. Without communication we would never learn.
      1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in an adult social care setting;
Communication helps to build trust. Colleagues who communicate in an open and honest way build solid working relationships. It will build trust and confidence in their work environment. Respecting the expertise and skills of colleagues shows them that you appreciate their validity in their job role. Respecting their personal values and opinions (even if they are not the same as yours) shows that you are communicating with respect and tolerance. Everyone will have valid experiences to communicate and we should share these along with our skills and any information that is relevant to the working environment. Building a trusting relationship with clients will encourage them to have the confidence to achieve their goals and best outcomes. We may have to use different ways to communicate with clients depending on their needs, preferences and capabilities. How we communicate with clients is vital to their well-being. Bad communication could have an adverse effect, resulting in set-backs and negative reactions. Although some forms of communication may be unfamiliar to the carer it is important to become conversant with the...