Nvq3 Diploma in Care

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CANDIDATE Daniel Kemp                                                             DATE
ASSESSOR Pat Frost                                                                       UNIT HSC 024

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024 |           1.1             1.2       1.3 | Knowing how to recognise signs of abuse. Safeguarding and protecting vulnerable adults is one of the most important things I do within my job role, in order to do this efficiently and well I must understand abuse, what forms it takes, what to do if I suspect abuse and be aware of any symptoms that may indicate abuse. Abuse is found is seven forms, these are; Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Emotional or Psychological abuse, Financial abuse, Institutional abuse, Self neglect and finally, Neglect by others.To protect individuals from abuse recognising any factor that may be an indication to any form of abuse is vital to my job role.For each type of abuse a vulnerable adult may encounter it is important any suggestion or sign is documented, monitored and investigated. Physical abuse: Physical abuse can be any form of unwanted physical contact, which includes any type of direct violent behaviour from pushing or hurting with intent. Other forms could be intimidation, unnecessary restraint, spitting would also come under this category. Sexual abuse: Any sexual behaviour forced on to an individual is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can include conversations of a sexual nature, including any...