Nvq3 301 Teaching

302 Written Assignment 1

In this assignment I have chosen to explain the meaning of the terms ethos, mission, values and aims and the differences between them for Sheringham Woodfields school as this is where I am employed. I will explain how we apply these in a school and how they are reflected into a schools everyday working practice. I will explain the different ways in which this information is communicated and the effectiveness of these particular methods.

Assessment criterion 3.1

The ethos and mission statement of a school are often referred to as the same thing, however, they are both very different. The ethos of our school is related more to the beliefs and feelings of the school. For example, Sheringham Woodfields ethos is; “We are a listening school”. The children’s welfare is of paramount importance. Our school will establish and maintain an ethos where pupils feel secure, are encouraged to talk to, are listened to and are safe. Children at Sheringham Woodfields school are able to talk freely to any member of staff if they are worried or concerned about something, hence, “We are a listening school”. Our ethos is recognisable when entering our school environment as it is part of the nature and daily practice of all our children and staff who work here. The ethos is set out for the whole school to be aware of and is reinforced through our daily activities. The mission of our school is based upon what the school intend to achieve in a more physical and academic way as set out by the Headteacher. In schools this is often seen as a motto or slogan as you enter a school. For example, as you enter Sheringham Woodfields school we have a large cut out of a tree with our mission statement in the middle “Learning and Growing together” and six sub sections making up the values of our school. These six sub sections are as follows.
Belonging – Working with others, having friends, being part of a team, feeling valued and being part of a community.