Nvq2 203

Unit 203

1.1a Define what is meant by Diversity.

Diversity is a variety of things. Each person is individual and we must recognise that individuality and do everything to help that person. This can include religion, sexuality, race, gender,age, physical abilities, anything that is different and we must take into account any of these things when trying to help or encourage people to do anything as this impacts on their individual needs.

1.1b Define what is meant by Equality

This means that everybody has equal rights regardless of their backgrounds , knowledge, religion or any factors that make them different. We must make sure they are recieving all the appropriate opportunities to help them in their care they recieve from the carers or staff.  This includes all the services that are available to the individual must be told to them so they have the equal opportunity to use them if required if we only told certain people that would not be giving all users equality if as a care worker you see something or someone that is not getting these equal rights you must take action to ensure that they do by reporting the problem to the manager or somebody in authority so it can be sorted out promptly..

1.1c Define what is meant by Inclusion.

This is about giving equal access and opportunities to all and getting rid of discrimination and intolerance.  This means identifying and removing any barriers so that all can have access and participation in all areas.  By doing this you can make sure all service users feel included and not left out which can cause all sorts of problems. You treat all service users the same including talking to them, including involving them all in activites and supporting them all so they all feel included and not on the outside and excluded.    You must as a carer always try to identify any barriers stopping the user from being involved so that these problems can be sorted out and the user can be included.

1.1d Define what is meant...