Nvq Level 3 Development

Assessment task- CYP Core 3.1 Understand child and young person development

Birth-1Month-   From birth a baby will sleep up to 20 hours a day and is able to
communicate with others around them by crying to tell us what there feeling such as hunger, triedness or uncomfortable and need a nappy change. Babies will show facial changes and they prefers to look at the human face also at this age the prefer black-and-white patteren as a pose to color, they have strong flexable movements and are able to move there head from side to side when laying on there stomach, there able to make a tight fist with there little hands such as holding a finger of an adult for comfort. The baby is able to recognizes some sounds and may turn toward familiar sounds and voices such the sound of his or hers own mother, father, they are able to prefers sweet smells and can recognizes the scent of his or hers mothers breast milk.
2-3 Months- As a child gets older they start to enjoy visual stimulants such as bright colour, big movements the child may even try to Imitate some movements and facial expressions, the child may become attached to a familliar adult such as there parents, key worker to seek positive touch and positive facial expressions the child will responed to this with facial expressions smiling they may even move the arms and legs with happyness.The child is becoming more aware of the things around him/her and bein to explore using touch. Still using crying as a main sorce of commication but becoming more aware of what scares them or emotional distress they will start to coo making noices and sounds to express themselves, they may even bein to notice him/her is a separate person from others around them.
4-6 Months- Now the child is starting to gain control of there head and body movements Reaching out and grasping for objects and placing them in his or her mouths, the child has become to feed about 3-5 times aday and may start to fit into a daily routine. They will start to...