Nvq Level 2

NVQ   Level 2 Certificate in preparing to work in Adult Social Care
UNIT   6
Part 1
A working relationship is based on formal policies and procedures and   agreed ways of working that are bound by contracts of employment and have codes of practice to be followed. This relationship is different from a personal one. Working relationships are professional based. In health and social care it is your responsibility to deliver a high standard of care to service users. This can include, dressing, personal hygiene and domestic tasks that all must be done on a professional basis whilst always remembering person centred values and what the client wants.   Personal relationships are based on emotions and are informal. In personal relationships you often share support, feeling and thoughts   between each other as you can be who you are with family and friends. Personal relationships involve doing things together outside of work.


There are various different working relationships in the social care setting.   The care assistant role is to make sure that the support they give to individuals is according to their agreed plan of care and it is their role to provide the client with good quality care. They do this by involving the individual in all decision making and encouraging both their participation and feedback about the service they are given. It important that the care assistant keeps communication with the individual about their lifes etc and any concerns they have.   The role of a care home manager is to fulfil the role of a registered manager with 24hour responsibility for managing all services. The care home manager makes sure consent is given before any care is provided to the individual. They make sure enough help is given to individuals who cannot make decisions by themselves.   They make sure everyone who works in their organisation provides care to individuals in a person centred manner and it is their responsibility to make sure roles are followed. They...