Nvq Level 2 Unit 6

Unit 6 - Understand the role of the social care worker.
1.1 A working relationship is different to a personal relationship as a working relationship is not personal. They are
based upon a mutual understanding of goals and what is to be achieved within the working environment.
1.2 Two different examples of working relationships you will find in the adult social care environment are . The relationship between you and your co-workers.
. The relationship between you and a social worker.
2.1 It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of my job role to ensure I follow all laws and codes of practise that
apply to the social care setting and that I carry out all of the responsibilities that go with my job.
2.2 ‘Agreed ways of working’ means that I follow all policies and procedures that have been set in place by my
place of work and also health care officials, I must follow these to ensure I always work safely and efficiently
whilst safeguarding myself and others from any potential danger.
2.3 It is important to always have up to date agreed ways of working documents as laws, individuals needs and
circumstances are ever changing, a service user could be fully mobile and able to stand one day, and the next
they could require a hoist, Safeguarding is ever changing also as new situations can come to light.
3.1It is important to work in partnership with others to ensure you are always working with the individuals best
interests in mind, to always offer an individual their opinion on matters that concern them and to protect their
3.2 Three ways to improve partnership working are .Communication
.To know everyone’s roles
.Knowing how to resolve conflicts should they arise

3.3 Four skills and approaches needed for resolving conflict are .Controlling your own behaviour and emotions.
.Always avoiding accusations.
.Being able to forgive and forget.
.Stress management.
3.4 I would need to ask for advice and support from my manager or senior...