Nvq Level 2 Play Worker

1.3 In my setting we always follow the policies and procedures. We do this to keep the children safe at all times and if we do not follow the national and local guidelines then we are putting the children at risk. These affect day-to-day work with children and young people. In my setting we have forms for all aspects such as accident and risk assessment. We have two designated safeguarding officers who specialise in this. All staff members are fully trained in the safeguarding of children. We also have health and safety officers and a member of SENCO. All staff are also first aid trained. All of these come into practice when working with children and young people. The roles and responsibilities of the staff at Little Acorns are to makes ure the children are healthy and safe at all times. We ensure the children always have different activities to play with and there are always plenty of resourses available for them. We make sure all of the required forms are filled in such as accident and medicine forms. All of these responsibilities are in our policies and procedures. the staff at Little Acorns are expected to work together to ensure the safety of the children. We are required to talk through any concerns we have regarding the safety of a child this is called whistleblowing. When needed the managers will advertise for staff to work within the setting, this will help to keep the ratio in each of the rooms. They will also be put forward to complete the required qualifications. The staff will also comunicate with parents on dropp off or pick up for any information needed to be known about their child. The children are observed monthly to help with planning of activities and to help when cross referencing to the EYFS.  
unit 4
1.1 Children have the right to not be discriminated against in the setting. This is covered in the equality act 2010. This law covers these 9 categories: age, disibility, gender reassignments, race, religion, sex, sexual orientaation, marriage...