Nvq Level 2 Health and Social Care

Outcome 3

1: It is important to follow an agreed care plan because it forms the basis of what is considered best interest for the client, it is unique to them, and details their needs, preferences etc.
Everyone who is involved in the client’s care is likely to want to look at their care plan,
In order to check that they are providing the right support and following the client’s
Wishes. Depending on the client’s needs, several people may look at the care plan,
Such as the GP, district nurse, speech therapist and social worker.
If the care plan is followed and other problems are recognised, then the plan can be updated to reflect these changes in order to further care for the client.
2:It is important to ensure that the agreed care plan has been checked prior to undertaking the pressure are care because the care plan details the client’s current health issues, and the agreed way of how best to care for them, it is important that everyone follows the plan to avoid any further health issues. It is also important to check the plan for any updates or changes.
3: It is important to identify any concerns with the agreed care plan prior to undertaking the pressure area care in order to complete a risk assessment. Any new concerns should be noted and changed in order to best care for the client.
4: Once a risk assessment has been completed, and concerns with the care plan have been found, it is important to then address these issues with authorised staff so that the plan may be updated to reflect these issues, so that changes can be made to maintain a high level of care for the client. Any concerns should be verbally addressed, discussed and finally recorded in the written care plan.

5: The main pressure area risk assessment tool used in my own work area is the waterlow pressure area risk assessment chart. The primary aim of this tool is to assist you to assess risk of a patient/client developing a pressure ulcer. Use this together with your clinical...