Nvq L2 Outcome 201. 3

UNIT 201
Outcome 2.
1)Terms and conditions of my contract of employment. These include:
  * Job title -Describing what one's duties at work but may also be asked to undertake other duties from time to time according to the status of the job.
  * Place work-The location of the Company's premises .Also, can be   asked to work now and again   in any other Company's premises within the reasonable distance.
  * Duration of employment-stating the commencing date of employment.
  * Wages-Shows the pay rate which can be amended from time to time , paid on or before the last day of each month.
  * Disclosure of other work- Any other paid or unpaid employment must be disclosed.
  * Hours of work -Stating the minimum hours required to work per week unless advised otherwise.
  * Overtime-Maybe required to work overtime if necessary .
  * Redundancy-Explains that if this situation arises the Company will asses each employee on their merits and capabilities to carry out duties   required by the Company .
  * Holidays-The entitlement of 5weeks and 3days which are inclusive of the 8statutory bank holidays, calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  * Sickness- Explains when one may be paid sick pay, according to the Statutory Sick Pay Scheme .
  * Medical examinations- The Company reserves the right to ask one to submit to a medical examination in the event of a reasonable concern about one's health.
  * Medical treatment-whenever possible medical appointments e.g. doctor ,dentist or hospital should be made outside working hours.
  * Time keeping -Must   promptly attend work in accordance with the hours of work defined in the one's terms and conditions of employment .
  * Company vehicle ,company property, driving offences
  * Mobile phones-Not permitted during working hours except in the case of an emergency.
  * Training and development -The company seeks to ensure that its employees are developed in terms of their   skills and   knowledge ....