Nvq I

The learner will…
  1. Enter and combine text and other information accurately within word processing documents
  2. Create and modify layout and structures for word processing documents
  3. Use word processing software tools to format and present documents effectively to meet requirements
You will also have satisfied the following assessment criteria:
The learner can…
  * 1.1 Identify what types of information are needed in documents
  * 1.2 Use appropriate techniques to enter text and other information accurately and efficiently
  * 1.3 Select and use appropriate templates for different purposes
  * 1.4 Identify when and how to combine and merge information from other software or other documents
  * 1.5 Select and use a range of editing tools to amend document content
  * 1.6 Combine or merge information within a document from a range of sources
  * 1.7 Store and retrieve document and template files effectively, in line with local guidelines and conventions where available
  * 2.1 Identify the document requirements for structure and style
  * 2.2 Identify what templates and styles are available and when to use them
  * 2.3 Create and modify columns, tables and forms to organise information
  * 2.4 Select and apply styles to text
  * 3.1 Identify how the document should be formatted to aid meaning
  * 3.2 Select and use appropriate techniques to format characters and paragraphs
  * 3.3 Select and use appropriate page and section layouts to present and print documents
  * 3.4 Describe any quality problems with documents
  * 3.5 Check documents meet needs, using IT tools and making corrections as necessary
  * 3.6 Respond appropriately to quality problems with documents so that outcomes meet needs

You can press one or more shortcut keys on your keyboard to perform a particular task. For example, pressing Ctrl + B will change text to bold (just the same as clicking the Bold button: on your Word toolbar). Here are some...