Nvq Health and Social Care Level 3

What I have learnt from this course:

This NVQ course of study has given me the knowledge and experience to support the care, protection and wellbeing of adults, children and young people, and I have been able to develop more specialist competencies for use in the health and social care sector. I have learnt how to provide active support and place the preferences and best interests of service users at the centre of everything I do, whilst enabling them to take responsibility (as far as they are able and within any restrictions placed upon them) and make and communicate their own decisions about their lives, actions and risks about living at home.

I have studied how to respect the dignity and privacy of service users. I hope that I can now treat and value each person as an individual and ensure that the support I give takes account of their needs and preferences. I can now work with service users in ways that provide support that is consistent with their beliefs, culture, values and preferences, and allows them to participate in activities and maintain their independence. I aim to work in ways that do not discriminate but promote equality and inclusion.

I have learnt about the whole spectrum of care: from caring within families, to social care in the community, explored the diversity and sensitivity of care situations, and have a more in-depth understanding of what it is like to care and to receive care. The NVQ has taught me the impact of care needs and care services on people’s sense of identity and self-worth, and I have become more sensitive to this and more able to provide appropriate support. I have learnt about different care environments, their physical, social and psychological impact and the extent to which they are enabling or disabling. I have also learnt how people become attached to places and what happens when they have to leave them.

I have also examined how care can go wrong and what individuals can do to try to prevent this. I understand...