Nvq Health and Social Care 2

Unit 202
Principles of personal development in adult social care settings.

Outcome 1

Understand what is required for good practice in adult social care roles.

The standards that influence the way jobs are carried out are usually found in the legislations within the job role here are some of the standards;   Health and Safety at Work Act 1974,   GSCC Codes of Practice for social care workers,   National Occupational Standards,   Safety Regulations.

Reflecting on activities from places such as work and various other activities is an important way in developing new skills and strengthen old ones. Being able to look back on the past and reflect on what you have done is crucial part in how an individual can develop themselves without even training, but only learning from mistakes and asking themselves how we can do it again but better. This is key in becoming efficient in any job role. Reflecting on yourself is done by recalling everything and considering why is it that you do it in that particular way, recognising whether it was successful and if it could perhaps be done any better way. It helps you access old skills you have a lot more efficiently and also picking up new ones much more efficiently.  

Ensuring that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct your quality of work is more difficult than is important as there are many different backgrounds and beliefs that people can have and come from. Regardless of what you believe you should ensure you do not negatively impact someone wellbeing by disregarded or disrespecting someone else’s beliefs. Understanding and accepting the individual is key to respecting their beliefs, perhaps talking to an individual about their life style could give you an insight in their life and help you reason with their beliefs. Knowing when to set your beliefs aside is a strong skill you should have, and thus will help you keep a high quality of work without causing harm to yourself or any individual....