Nvq 5

4 Be able to review the procedures and practices for addressing concerns and complaints
4.1 Monitor the use of systems for addressing concerns and complaints

4.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of systems for addressing concerns and complaints
Based on my experience of handling complaints I have found that a grided step by step format has been both useful to me as an investigator for dealing with a complaint in a structured and thorough way, but also effective for giving feedback to the complainant. Though this is not the corporate format, I have taken this to a managers meeting where others managers were able to review the format and discuss the pro’s and cons.
My method
Answers the points raised in chronological order
Keeps to the facts
Refers to any policies/procedures/guidelines in use
Encourages the investigator to be systematic in their investigations.
Another point I highlighted at the managers meeting was that I felt complaints should be risk rated. Risk rating all complaints will help identify trends and help to promote responsive actions to ensure any underlying causes are dealt with immediately. I think the company should ensure that all complaints are reviewed at the highest level of the organisation to identify learning opportunities for those departments directly involved in the complaint and the organisation as a whole.
The complaints procedure in place in all Four Seasons Home is effective because it is service user focused, makes us open and accountable, it ensures we act fairly and proportionately, it ensures we put things right and are seen to do so and it means we are continuously seeking to improve upon the service we deliver.