Nvq 5 - Promote Professional Development

Unit 2 – Promote Professional Development.

1. Understand principles of professional development.

1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice

According to the Department of Health (2004:7), continuing professional development is imperative as it   ensures professionals develop their continued learning through a range of learning activities in order that they retain their knowledge and capacity to practice safely and effectively. The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (2008),   highlight the importance of professionals taking personal responsibility and   ownership of their own continued CPD and further development needs. The article   highlights the need for an ongoing learning process, that is retained and carried forward in the workplace,   rather than individual activities and   ‘one off’ events that are not developed further.

McKibbin & Walton (2012) cite CIPD, (2008b:1), who define continuing professional development as

      ‘a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that will help you manage your own learning and growth.’

Reflective practice is a way of learning that allows one to reflect on ones own learning experiences which   requires the need to seek further professional development through additional training, education and development, Beaty (1997).
Attaining knowledge does not simply imply that reflection in practice is taking place but theories and concepts need to be challenged to make sense of the knowledge that has been attained. Reflection is about being able to see things from a different angle (Platzer et al., 1997).

2. Analyse potential barriers to professional development

Capita Business Services Limited (2012),   identified key issues which mitigated against successful CPD programmes. These were me pressures, workload and funding. Other potential barriers included the cost of CPD, the length of the course (“one day or half day courses are more popular”) and geography...