Nvq 5 601 Health and Safety

601-3 be able to implement the health & safety policy

3.1- Specify the strategy for implementation of the health and safety policy, to include: providing
support and assistance during the implementation process: planning effective action in case
problems arise during implementation: providing adequate opportunities for feedback:
responding appropriately to the feedback: planning the implementation process to ensure
minimum disruption.
The strategy for promoting commitment to the health & safety policy by all those in the organisation
is firstly rolled out to all employees by toolbox talks giving support and assistance when the changes
are being implemented. I have attached a copy of an email I sent where I was going to be present
during the implementation process as evidence below. Other ways of providing support and
assistance can be providing extra manpower or training one example of this is where I delivered a
General Health & Safety course to employees where the policy is discussed. I have attached a copy
of the training attendance sheet below as evidence. All employees have an opportunity for giving
feedback and where necessary I shall respond to the feedback as soon as possible. I have provided
evidence below as evidence of a TBT I requested to be carried out where I was also present
regarding the policy. As some issues in the policy were not changed it was only a proportion of the
policy I had to roll out to staff where changes were implemented. Other ways the policy is promoted
through training as it is part of the general health & safety course I deliver to all employees as it is a
mandatory requirement. Other ways include notice boards, putting the policy on the management
system where access is granted to all supervisors and email alerts. If problems arise during the
implementation of the policy meetings may be required to be put in place to discuss.

Supporting Evidence A1: Email New policy changes.
Supporting Evidence A2:...