Nvq 4 Business Administration Unit 411: Manage and Evaluate an Information System

Unit 411: Manage and evaluate an information system

The organisation is using Covalent (a web-hosted performance management system) that improves service performance, tracks efficiency initiatives, manages resources effectively and executes strategy in line with organisational priorities. The organisation uses it to manage a number of corporate risks across the organisation. I am responsible for collecting and assisting with the development and review of health and safety risk assessments across all areas and inputting them onto the system, allocating responsibility for review or actions, tracking reviews and actions and ensuring the system is kept up to date and where necessary that I inform colleagues, managers and senior managers of progress or the lack of progress made.

1.1: Analyse how to plan and agree implementation of the information system

When planning the implementation of an information system, current methods of information management need to be reviewed and analysed and areas for improvement highlighted. Factors included cost, man hours and efficiency of the system all need to be taken into account.
A system then needs to be acquired, developed or adapted (depending on the type and complexity of the information system required for the organisation), existing information transferred into it, natural users trained in it’s use and quality systems put into place to both measure and assess it’s efficiency and compliance with organisational requirements.

When planning the use of Covalent for health and safety risk management purposes, a colleague and myself wanted a standardised approach to how risk assessments were recorded as different areas had different formats and although some were good and included all necessary information, many were not and as producing written risk assessments is a legal requirement it was felt that this area needed to be improved to ensure organisational and legal compliance.

We agreed which fields would be...