Nvq 3


LO 1.1.

There are many types of abuse and listed below are the definitions of the forms of abuse.
  * Physical abuse is abuse involving contact intending to cause feelings of physical pain to a person, injury, physical suffering or bodily harm but can also be the inappropriate use of drugs, restraints or confinement, for example punching, kicking, scratching, slapping, biting, scalding, pulling hair, poking, pinching, pushing, shoving, beating.
  * Sexual abuse is contact with a person without their consent, this can involve physical sex acts, showing pornographic images, forcing a person to watch sex acts or forcing a person to undress and touching inappropriate parts of the body without informed agreement.
  * Emotional/psychological abuse can take place in verbal and nonverbal forms, verbal forms include intimidation through yelling or threats, humiliation, ridicule, bullying, making threats and blaming the person. Not been included in activities.
  * Financial abuse is the unauthorised use of a person’s funds or property for example misuse of a person’s credit cards or accounts, stealing money or household goods, forge a person’s signature for your own gain.
  * Institutional abuse is a physical or psychological harm.
  * Self – neglect is when a person is not taking care of themselves, self neglect can lead to illness, injury or even death. Self neglect can be for example not eating or drinking enough, not participating in bathing or personal care needs, not having proper shelter or clean surroundings and even not taking essential medication.
  * Neglect by others is a failure to fulfil caretaking obligations. Neglect can be intentional or unintentional based on factors such as ignorance or denial that a person’s care needs have changed and may more assistance then they are getting.

LO 1.2.

There are many signs and symptoms that are associated with a person been abuse for example,
  * Signs of physical abuse can be...