Nvq 2 Care Assistant

Hello Darius

How are you doing? I hpoe you are OK!
I heard from my sister last week that you consider take a job as a care assistant, is it true?
As you know I work for The „Warwick Park House” Care Home, so I decided to tell you some topicks about the care assistant position, I hope it will be easyer to you to make a final decision.
You should   know about yours diuties that you’ll have. For example: do always your best to give the residents chance to remain independent with rights and choices being respected.   Ensure you follow safe working practices, company policies   that the residents at care home   are always   safe and free form harm. Always provide high quality care to ensure the well being of the service users. We called that : Duty of care.
It is so immportand to understand your role in careing. I always have it in my minde that care users must be safe they can not be exposed to any unnecessary risks, they need our suport nearly all the time, so we must be able to help and suport them any time. I must consider whether and what I   planning to do, if is the best interests of the person I’m working with, it is just essentials We must understand their point of view, the care home is just their home, and we try to make them confortable at home, so I always treat people with dignity and respect. You must be patient as well, servis users are usualy disabled people. Doing simple tasks take for them much longer.