What assignment did you enjoy the most? Why?
  * The assignment that I enjoyed the most was the MyPyramid assignments. It really opened my mind to what I am putting in my body and how much it is affecting me. One thing I hace determined is that I need to eat every day at least three meals a day. It sounds so easy until I think of all the things I have to do in a day and forget to eat. I now keep cream of wheat in my desk at work in case I forget to eat breakfast before work I can just make breakfast at work.
Are there any assignments that you have completed that have affected your life in terms of overall health and nutrition habits? If so, which assignment?
  * When we talked about eating disorders I was able to have a real heart to heart with my mom about why she started taking water pills and laxitives. She felt she could finally open up to me since I was reading about it in class. In that conversation I realized how my childhood illness affected her and how she felt when I could not gain weight and she was overweight. She told me how she could imagine what people were thinking when she would have me in the store at six and seven years old when all I weighed was 30-35 pounds. How the peoples looks made her do anything to lose weight and how it has affected her now.
How has it affected you?
        This class has really made me think about nutrition in a new way. How what we do to ourselves now will affect the way we are in the future. I have found from talks with my mother that it is easier to take care of myself now and how I will see the benefit in the future.