In my essay I will be creating a personalized nutrition and exercise plan for myself. I will identify my problems areas in which I plan to make changes to have a healthier and more consistent diet plan. I will also discuss my new nutritional goals and physical goals. The setbacks or the difficulties that I might encounter following these new changes will also be discussed as to how I am going to overcome these obstacles. I will also discuss the how I will measure my successful goals along with how important it is for me to stick to my plan, so that I do not have any health complications later in life.

            My nutritional problem that I currently have is that I am under weight and I also do not eat well. I am not getting all the vitamins and minerals that I need each day as well as the fruit or vegetables.   With this being said I would like to gain weight so that I am at least my ideal weight for my body frame.  

            I am 5’6 and currently weigh 100 pounds. However, for my small body frame I should weigh between 120-133 pounds according to target weight that I would like to be would 125 pounds and in order to achieve this I need to increase my calorie intake to 2104.8 to reach and maintain my goal and with this I would gain one pound per week. In order for me to maintain this weight I would have to maintain a calorie intake of 1711.2 per day once I have reach my target weight gain.

            My first goal is that   I plan on eating   breakfast daily. By eating a healthy breakfast I will get the most important nutrients that my body needs for the day. Most breakfast is high in vitamins and minerals that our body needs each day. For instance if I have a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of fruit with a glass of apple juice I will get a lot of important vitamins and minerals that I need. By eating a healthy breakfast I will also not feel sluggish and fatigue.

            The next goal...