Eavan Cuddy
Professor Lenson
Comp-lit 131

My failed meeting with Mustapha   Mond

A meeting with Mustapha Mond would for me be frustrating as my emotional response to the way he runs his society would be critical and judgemental An interaction with Mustapha would go something along these lines.
“I have to ask why would you want this society it seems there are better options than this “ I said with some apprehension “ cant you see how flawed this all is the world you have created is like a glass half full, a mute world.”
“Yes but you can just look at all the possible good” said Mind “You have to see what this world provides which is stability the world may not be perfect for everyone yet it works and we have a calm peaceful society.”
“But its not right” I said with concerned and some agitation “The world needs to be flawed to be real this is a hollow drugged out world with everyone just wants gratification the only deep thinkers out there have been separated from the rest of the world like they have some infection.”
“ It all works for the best as the intellectual have their freedom to be part of more intelligent circles and can be involved in the more civilized pursuits they crave” Mond spoke with a tone of a zealous teacher “The people in this world need to be not very bright so they will not be annoyed by their place in society. This ensures happiness in for the gammas. If they had more intellectual thinking they would not be so happy with their place in society would they. There has to be inequality for the World State to work.”
“Yeah sadly equality never really exist anywhere” I realized he had a point there but it was more of a reluctant acceptance. “No world will ever have a society where everyone is equal. No one would be able to do the crap jobs in the worlds. Its not right but everyone is equal is just a pipe dream. You realize that you’re just more honest about that fact.”
“ I am not a fan of this either but unfortunately...