Breast cancer, what is it all about? There have been numerous studies done on breast cancer ranging from the types of cancer, the causes of it, and the risk factors associated with it. The following paper will address an article that discusses the limitations in breast cancer research. The purpose of the article is stated as, a gap analysis that was conducted to determine which areas of breast cancer research, if targeted by researchers and funding bodies could produce the greatest impact on patients. The research questions stated in the article are what do we know? and what are the gaps?
The article review of literature state that, the participants were asked to review relevant literature prior and to prepare presentations summarizing their area of expertise and identify potential breast cancer research gaps. The key participants already have published, and reviewed evidence, literature and reviews. According to the article, the sample size and research method used in the study state, fifty-six cancer researchers participated in the gap analysis that reviewed current breast cancer trends and research. They prepared summaries, analyzed research information, and prepared recommendations for action and identified the breast cancer gaps. The research findings helped to identify breast cancer research gaps; it stated that there were several problems. (1) There are insufficient model systems for the complexity and diversity of breast cancer and its causes. (2) There is a need to understand not only the cancer, but the tumor microenvironment and patient characteristics. (3) The availability of clinical material is scarce, particularly from metastatic disease tissues. In addition, the article states that the neoadjuvant model could be used more effectively.
The conclusion and critique of the research states that, research in the psychosocial aspects of breast cancer has helped to produce knowledge and lead to improvements in care of people with breast cancer or those...