Part A 1:
Briefly describe where you see yourself professionally in three years time. Briefly outline what characteristics attracted you to this career path. Identify and discuss three short term goals that need to be achieved for your three year plan to be successful.

In the three years after graduation, I plan to be an operation room nurse with comprehensive surgeries knowledge and professional operational assistant skills. First of all, I am a male nurse, there are many obstruction for male nurses to work in a ward, such as helping female patients shower, changing women’s clothes. Many ladies think they do not have privacy if a male nurse looks after them. Even some patients will reject male nurses to do anything for them. Therefore, most of wards’ nursing jobs are not suitable for male nurses. But the nursing job in operation room is busy and complicated. Many surgeries require physical condition and skills. So it will be a fantastic challenge for a man to complete. I have been an operation room nurse in China for two years. I still remember the first time when I stepped into the theatre. It was a very strict and cool place. I still remember the first operation which I took part in. The patient was a cooperative female, she was very kind and nice. When I helped the doctors to cut her left hand’s skin, I felt unbelievable nervous, but she told me to relax and have a deep breath. Then I begin to love this job. The reason is that we can release their pain or illness immediately, we have the highway to help them and the effect can be very positive. In the operation room, we can witness the birth of life, also we must accept the end of life. It makes me love my current life more than before. I can’t forget that we meet these patients who are very anxious, worry and nervous in every morning. So I always tell myself to give best service to the patients. Operation room nurses use their smile to every patient, which will release the anxiety of the...