Nursing Reflection

Describe an experience of a time when you provided care

Caring is essential to human development, growth and survival; furthermore caring is responsibility to self and others. The whole concept of human caring in nursing is not just emotions, concerns, or attitude, a caring person understands the needs of others and responds to them appropriately.
I have always viewed nursing practice as a team effort, and my view has proven correct on many occasions. I have worked on Intensive Care Unit for the last fifteen years, however one particular event that sticks out in my mind occurred during my second year as a nurse. It was my day off however my unit was short staff and I decided to sign up for additional night shift. My charge nurse was very grateful to have enough nurses for the shift and told me “ I will give you two easy patients because I know you worked already three shifts this week”. I can remember sitting down at the nurses’ station taking report on a 52- years- old woman fresh status post left carotid endarterectomy. I was told that patient has been complaining of discomfort since she arrived from PACU and she is difficult to deal with. I value and respect my coworkers however personally I never liked the idea of a report starting this way because it sets oncoming nurse up for possible false impression.
In my initial assessment patient appeared to be uncomfortable and anxious, she was complaining that she was unable to breath. I noticed that her oxygen saturation was 99% on 2 liters of oxygen, she was swallowing ice chips without choking or coughing, her blood pressure was within her baseline, and heart rate was regular at normal rate. The neck dressing was dry and intact without any swelling, JP drain in place with scant amount of serous-sanguineous drainage, the neurological assessment was intact and she reported only mild tenderness on the left side of her neck. Although the assessment appeared normal, I did not want to ignore her complain however I...