Nursing Practice

This assignment (Reflective Essay) is based on my experiences for the first few weeks I started working in one of the places had worked in a local National Health Service (NHS) Hospital as a Staff Nurse.
The aim of this essay is to discuss on how intimate relationship affects interpersonal skills of the department Manager, the staff, and patient in a clinical setting.   I choose this incident because I spent much of my time communicating with my manager verbally and non-verbally on this issue. In order to maintain confidentiality the identity of the hospital, the clinic, department manager’s name, with the other staffs affected will be protected in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of professional Conduct (2008). In this essay the name of the manager will be referred to as Jokes while the healthcare assistant will be referred to as Naomi and the Gynaecology staff nurse as Angela.   I will be using Gibbs (1998) reflective model to assist my process of reflection, this reflection model is commonly used within health profession this model consists of six stages in a cycle. Looking at reflection, it’s very important for Nurses with many reasons:
The incident happened in a Gynaecology Clinic in outpatient Department (OPD) staffed with one OPD Manager (Jokes) , Gynaecology (Gynae) staff nurse, one staff nurse   and one healthcare assistant (Naomi) .I as the staff nurse met the healthcare in the clinic. In this clinic, patients with history of gynaecological problems and infertility issues are seen by the gynaecology doctors routinely and minor gynaecological procedures are performed. On each patients arrival to the clinic, it’s the duty of the gynae staff nurse to read through the patients note, check for the referral letter, confirming age, name, address, and many other nursing tasks, the other staff nurse duty was to assist the Doctors in the clinic while the healthcare assistant will check the patients...