Nursing Managenrial Skill

1. What factors are likely to influence the perceptions of Jorge and Jane?
The names of the two personalities presented here lead me to assume that Jorge is a man, of Hispanic descent, and Jane a woman, Caucasian by birth. This assumption further guides me to think of several factors that may influence their perception of the situation and the possibility of a conflict. The most distinct factor is physiological, viz., a male and a female, who have differences even in the shape of the cerebral cortex. Ideologies stay distinct in each other’s psyche. Secondly, the roles these individuals play; viz., one is the supervisor, and the other is the employee. The supervisor has broader responsibilities influencing her perception. I would list culture as the next vital feature, influencing the perception of these two individuals. And here in the U.S. the blend of different cultures has brought on a new sub-culture facilitating enhanced perception. The final factor is the un-nerving circumstance, as Jane has to ask Jorge for his time slot.
2. How can Jane and Jorge communicate competently in order to come to a constructive conclusion to this situation?
Compromise, Accommodation, and Collaboration are the concepts that jump at me as I think of the meeting with Jorge that Jane has planned. Jorge will have to give up some of his privileges in order to avoid conflict. Jane too will have to consider giving into some of Jorge’s demands, finding alternatives for the jobs in jeopardy, in order to accommodate the senior employee. This will maintain harmony in the work place. Thus collaboration becomes the oil that greases the “grinding parts”, the supervisor and the employee.
3. What specific listening and language tools can Jorge and Jane use to avoid conflict and come to an agreed upon solution?
“Workplace conflict is a fact of life – the rule rather than the exception” (pg 208 Human Communication, Pearson et al). Conflict is dysfunctional if it not talked about or resolved....