Nursing Indicators

Identifying Nursing-Sensitivity Outcome Criteria




Nurses and other healthcare practitioners are important components of quality care. They provide medical examination, continuous assessment, and treatments for different ailments of different patients (Daly, 2005). It is therefore, the responsibility of the nurses to provide quality care to their patients.

      Significance of Quality Nursing Care

      I believe the quality of nursing care makes a big difference in patient’s lives. First it is important to understand what quality care implies. Quality care is the level at which nursing services for individuals increase the possibility of the desired outcome in addition to being consistent to the modern professional standards (Votroubek & Tabacco, 2010). This means therefore, that quality care provides the best services to the patients that would save their lives.

      Additionally, quality care allows for proper procedures to be followed during treatments, empowers the patients by involving them in communication channels and helps them feel human irrespective of their test results (Vanov & Blue, 2007). Considering emergence situations where quick treatments are required, it will only be possible to save such a life in critical condition when there is quality care with quick response emerging circumstances. At this point, existence of slow and nagging nurses would only lead to a possibility of loss of life (Votroubek & Tabacco, 2010). Quality care ease the fear of a patient through counseling hence they would feel better even before starting their treatments. In short, quality care makes a difference in any individual’s life.

      Quality Nursing Care Indicators

      There are performance measurements and nurse’s behavior that can be of important in defining quality of nursing care in a particular healthcare set up (Votroubek & Tabacco, 2010). Such indicators include the level of...