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Manchester DBQ Approaches

  1. Carefully READ THE QUESTION!
  a) Know what you need to address in your thesis and in your essay.   It will help you to organize better if you can correctly assess the task that you are given.
  b) The rubric requires an “explicitly stated thesis that addresses all parts of the question.”

      The prompt here is: Identify the issues raised by the growth of Manchester and analyze the various reactions to those issues over the course of the 19th Century.

Here is an organization that tracks the prompt and will lead to a solid thesis:

|Issues                                     |Positive Reactions                         |Negative Reactions                         |
|1 (massive growth)                         |3 (better lives)                           |2 (ugly, no beauty)                         |
|6 (disease, bad health, bad morals)         |9 (workshop to world)                       |4 (dangerous discontent)                   |
|8 (short life span)                         |10 (conditions improved)                   |5 (man is made savage)                     |
|                                           |                                           |7 (is progress worth it?)                   |
|                                           |                                           |11 (picture of filth)                       |

Here are some example theses that follow this grouping:

    ▪ The growth of Manchester led to many issues with varying reactions from different people.   Romantics and activists saw very negative effects of the mass urbanization, while liberals tended to view the outcomes as overwhelmingly positive.
    ▪ As the growth of Manchester began to reach its peak many issues were brought to the forefront of debate such as health concerns and social conditions.   Furthermore, these issues caused various reactions which included artists calling for social reform and business leaders praised the...