Ns English

North Shore English
Picture 1

[A family, with their mother dead, is being led to an abandoned city along with hundreds of other villagers to be killed by the invaders]

Son: Daddy, where are we going?
Father: (Puts down gear, puffing with exhaustion)
Don’t worry Xiao Cheng. You’ll see when we get there.
Son: Where’s mummy? She said we were going to the park. Where is she?
Father: Mummy’s busy. She’s not coming with us.
Daughter: Are we there yet? I’m really tired.
Father: (Continues walking)
We’re almost there Xiao Ping. Just a little bit further.
Son: But if we’re going to the park, why are we bringing so much stuff with us? Is everyone here going to the park too?
Father: Uh… yeah. Yes they are.
Son: But why does everyone look so sad?
Father: They’re just tired, like us.
Daughter: Are you sure we’re going to the right place? Mummy said the park wasn’t very far away.
Son: I’m really tired. Can we have a rest?
Father: We can’t stop. If we stop we’re going to slow down everyone behind us.
Daughter: (Whispering to brother) I have a bad feeling about all this. From the moment we left home with all these bags on our bicycle, I knew something was wrong.
Son: (Whispering back to sister) But mummy said we were going to the park. Mummy never lies!
(Starts crying)
Father: What’s wrong Xiao Cheng? Are the bags too heavy? Here, give them to me.
(Son cries louder)
Why are you crying? Was it something you saw? What did you see?
(Father looks forward, into the distance, spotting a large iron gate and stone city wall. Behind the gate and wall is an abandoned city. The buildings are in ruins and the sky is grey.)
Daughter: Is… that… the… p-park?
(The three continue walking towards the city gate. They begin to shiver as they slowly realise they are about to meet their terrible fate.)