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The Effects of Media violence on Children

At the present time movies, musics, television, books, internet and some other kind of media become influence how children think and act in many ways. Most of adolescents glowing in their environment surrounded by a variety of medias. Many children choose to spend their free time surfing the internet, watching television or listening to music, so there is no doubt about how media can be involved in children’s behavior. However, the media influence is not always a good influence, it has its own dark side. Media violence can have negative affects on children as well. As we know, violence is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Media violence effects children much more than we think. These following are 2 major effects of violent in the media.

First of all, children may begin to behave in aggressive ways toward others. Media plays a very strong role on how children behave these days. Most of TV shows and the video games usually contain violent images, and it seems like children love that. They think it is cool and excited to act like a character in video game or their favorite TV shows. An example here would be a cartoon “ teenage mutant ninja turtles” which is about a group of ninja turtles defeat their enemies with their powerful weapon, and it doesn’t show that there is any trouble for hurting someone, it show them as being the good guys eliminate bad guys. Therefore, children may think it is good to do something like their heroes do. In addition, children lack of ability to tell the difference between the real life and fantasy, and they think that violence is the way to solve the problems. That’s how the media causes to children.

Secondly, children may become less sensitive to the suffering of others. It may be because they get used to it. In this technological era, mostly children spend their free time by listening to music, watching television, surfing the internet and so on. However, we are going...