Now Available: Global Hypercalcemia Treatment Market Forecast and Growth 2016-2026

Hypercalcemia is a medical condition which involves elevation of calcium level in the blood. Surplus calcium levels in your blood can create kidney stones, obstruct the way your heart and brain functions and weaken your bones. Hypercalcemia is commonly result of hyperactive parathyroid glands. Hypercalcemia is generally accompanied by several symptoms like feeling sick, tiredness, vomiting, bone pains and kidney stones. Hypercalcemia is the most common metabolic disorder related with neoplastic diseases. It has estimated that hypercalcemia occurs in about 10% to 20% of all patients with cancer. Hypercalcemia is caused due to excessive release of calcium in the skeletal system and due to increased intestinal calcium absorption in the body. Hypercalcemia treatment focuses on lowering the serum calcium concentration in the body. Some of the non - pharmacological therapies used in the treatment of hypercalcemia are as mobilization, saline diuresis and volume expansion, Inhibition of bone resorption, reduction of gastrointestinal calcium absorption and dialysis.

Hypercalcemia Treatment Market: Drivers and Restraints

Presently, the global hypercalcemia treatment market is an attractive market, and is primarily driven by the high adoption rate of novel therapies. Moreover, factor such as increased government support for developing effective medications for rare disease such as hypercalcemia is expected to drive the growth of this market. However, factors such as high cost of therapy and stringent drug regulatory policies might impede the growth of the market.

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Hypercalcemia Treatment Market: Segmentation

Hypercalcemia Treatment market is classified on the basis of   drug type, indication, end user and geography.

Based on the drug therapies type, the global hypercalcemia Treatment market is segmented into the following:
• Bisphosphonates
• Antidote or...