New York City Sucks, But You’ll Still
Wanna Come Here: An English Reading,
Vocabulary and Idiom-Building
(Survival) Guide For Students Who Want
To Know The TRUTH About The Big Apple
Intro by Suzy
1) The English schools suck but you can stay in the USA with an F1 visa.
2) An important tomb at an urban crossroads
3) Bed Bugs
4) They are not magicians, they are Jewish?
5) Please don’t give money to beggars
6) Ticket Blitz
7) Why the hell is Bloomberg the Mayor?
8) Yellow Fever
9) I almost killed my language exchange partner
10) Historic Stuff - NYC's rise to power
11) An Army of Blond Lesbians? Developing my gaydar.
12) Immigration policy, get your victim visa!
13) See New York and die
14) Subway stories
15) 9/11/01: from tragedy to disillusion
16) Who is on the money?
17) My volunteer activity at a homeless shelter
18) I went to a sex club
19) From beatnik to hippy to punk to hipster? Welcome to Williamsburg
20) Police scandals: Diallo, Luima, Bell
21) Diversity my ass: Crown Heights, Brooklyn
22) Finding a place
23) A few historical New Yorkers you should know
24) I bought a gun to get my photo ID card

How to use this book:

This book is written completely in English. Once you learn
English grammar, the only way to really master English is to
leave your native language for periods of time and jump
completely into English. This book helps you do that in a fun,
supportive and interesting way.
By the way, Suzy is my “alter-ego” (my “other self”). I’m Daniel
Gauss, a guy who came to New York City to study at Teachers
College Columbia University and who has taught and tutored here.
So Suzy’s stories are partly based on my experiences and partly
on experiences my students have told me.
1. There are 23 reading passages. First, read through a passage
and try to understand as much as you can.
2. Then, go to the section where some selected words are
defined. Some definitions are funny and some teach you about
U.S. or New York...