Siddharth Malik
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EXERCISE 2 – Summarize the US Sec State’s views on US-China relations
The recent visit of Chinese President was given the highest level of importance and significance that was done keeping in view the positive, cooperative, comprehensive relationship that is being built between the two countries. Both the countries are working together to keep the peace not just in Asia, but around the world; tackling differences over issues like piracy, nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran, climate change, clean energy, health issues and also helping each others economy grow. Both countries are having more people to people exchange like business, academic, governmental. Also set up A Strategic and the Economic Dialogue has been set up , to combine the discussions about strategic and economic issues for government-to-government and people-to-people cooperation on a long term basis regardless of changes in the priorities headlines and of the national leaders. There are areas of differences also like of Taiwan and issues in climate change.

Exercise 3
China’s new stealth fighter jet likely to reshape U.S. military strategy in Asia.
The radar-invisible Boeing F-22 Raptor, first produced in 2005, that allowed American pilots to shoot down an enemy jet from 50 miles away, before the opposing pilot could see even a speck on his screen. Now China has introduced tested its own stealth fighter jet, the J-20 that would challenge the US F-22 Raptor help it slip past American or Taiwanese radar undetected by this Chinese are sending a signal that they will counter are still concerned about U.S. power in the region. Although no J-20 will be operational only after   flying into battle for at least a decade, the jet’s potential could help change the military dynamic balance in East Asia. The test flight puts China in a very elite club of only the US and Russia. America is the only nation to produce...