Nothingness, Existence, and God

Leah Gruzdov
God, Space, and Time
Short Paper 1
A part of existence, people do not always grasp the significance that they exist.   The awareness of this may seem mundane for those who just acknowledge that things just exist.   On the surface there is not much question that there is a universe which includes everything, but there is a possibility that this universe could have been different or even nonexistent.   Knowledge of this makes one ponder why there is anything at all, or if it is even possible for absolute nothingness to be the way things were.   It would have been simple for there would not have been a single thing to complicate the idea of nothing as the idea would not even exist.   The idea of nothing is very hard to grasp.   Usually an empty room or the vastness of space comes to mind, but those are something and contain something in them, a concept.   Complete and utter nothingness is and was never possible, since there are more ‘things’ than those of the physical.   The possibility and concept of the world of nothing is already something existing.   A possibility and a concept are ‘things’ so it follows that all concepts and all possibilities are things.   This idea could be shot down to claim nothing was real, but if nothingness was what was real then that would be considered reality; the fact that nothingness would be reality puts at least one ‘thing’ into existence.   There would have to be at least one.   Therefore it is not logical that there would be nothing, so there has to be something.  
Nothingness is held to be the simplest and most natural way reality could have turned out.   Many believe that this would have been enough to hinder existence.   If this were true then nothingness would be reality, but as we can see there is a whole lot more than nothing in reality.   The problem is whether a world of nothing is more natural than something existing or if naturalness is a deciding factor of existence.   It could be that the natural way of...