Executive Summary

MealGaudi is one of the initial product of Future Captcha, which is one of a kind food ordering system which provides all expensive and expressive web and mobile presence with just touch of some buttons. It has several advantages over its competitors who are just a food ordering system which searches restaurants by using basic parameters and gives them an online presence on their own webpage where restaurant can show there menu and customer can reach restaurants through the help of respective food ordering system   whereas MealGaudi gives you the advantage over other food ordering platform by giving the restaurant there own available domain with minimum price. Hence the customer can search and look at the restaurants through our homepage and the link present will redirect the customer to the all expressive web domain of the restaurants, which is so very simple to make that it can be made by any Guy with simple or no training of any technical stuff.
Moreover, MealGaudi also provides the restaurants to mark its presence in all expressive and highly reachable mobile market which is going to be the Next big thing in the market. With just one touch of a button   a res

The MealGaudi is everything about food and ecommerce with the advantage over others. Its purpose is to fill the void between the customer and the restaurants with the help of web and mobile. It gives the restaurants no. of advantage over other restaurants who don't have the web presence or mobile presence.
Basically MealGaudi is a Online food ordering system which includes independent web presence of the restaurant including its Mobile apps on windows, app-store and android. It's by far an outstanding food ordering system which has basic features which   also includes available independent web domain for the restaurants and all promising mobile...