7407 Stage 2 – Minimum Core Centre Guide

The requirements for implementing the
Minimum Core of Language, Literacy
and Numeracy within the
Certificate in Further Education Teaching
A Centre Guide

August Version


7407 Stage 2 – Minimum Core Centre Guide


Introduction to the course conte nt
Course design
Working with the minimum core
Minimum core structure
Quality Assurance
The minimum core elements
Unit 109
Unit 110
Unit 111
Unit 112
Unit 113
Unit 114
Unit 115
Unit 116
Unit 117
Unit 118
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D


7407 Stage 2 – Minimum Core Centre Guide

The introduction of the minimum core in August 2003 strengthens the focus on Language,
Literacy and Numeracy in initial teacher education programmes and details, for the first time,
the minimum personal skill requirements of any teacher working in the learning and skills
This document is designed to support centres in preparing trainee teachers:

To develop inclusive approaches to learners with language, literacy and numeracy
To ensure sufficient emphasis on how to teach vocational and other subjects in ways
that support the language, literacy and numeracy needs of learners.
To develop their personal skill needs in language, literacy and numeracy
To demonstrate their skills, at least equal to that demanded of learners in the national
curriculum for schools

Many teacher education programmes already address the personal skill level of their trainees
and some may address the numeracy skills. The introduction of the minimum core will help
ensure that all programmes address the personal skill needs of their trainee teachers
This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the 7407 scheme handbook.
Centres are advised to refer to the following documents for further reference on the minimum
Addressing Language, Literacy and Numeracy needs in education and Training: Defining the
minimum care of teachers’ knowledge,...