Saturday 10th October 2016
Changes on the street
Note down a few changes on City Road and provide an example of how each of these changes has affected individual lives.
In recent years City Road has introduced large mainstream supermarkets such as Spar and Tesco’s to it’s street. This has had a dramatic effect on the lives of local newsagent owners as it has eventually resulted in them being put out of business. Having large supermarkets right at the centre of the community means that people are more likely to do their shopping there as they will have multiple brands, deals and different options to choose from, resulting in smaller businesses such as competing newsagents’ to be pushed out. The street was also once lined with car showrooms but now mainly consists of diners and takeaway shops, varying all kinds of different nationalities. The car showrooms have also found themselves pushed out of the trade by super car dealerships which have entered the town more recently and now only a small few of the original car showrooms remain. This greatly affected the life of one person in particular, Mark Hocking, who set up a car repair business on City Road in 1979. He soon realised that with the edge of town car dealerships becoming increasingly competitive, the only way he could possibly survive would be by reinventing himself. He ended up selling his business and transforming one of his garages into a workshop, producing specially produced odds and bodds for architects and builders. He is now known on City Road for what he does and has a unique business which will always have a purpose.
Inequalities on the street
What does the history of the Mackintosh centre reveal about the inequalities between people and groups?
The Mackintosh centre was once the family home for the Richards and the Mackintosh’s who owned a lot of farmland. Nowadays, it is a sports centre which is enormously underused by the community who look in but feel intimidated by the big...