Nowadays, almost everyone has at least one television at home because people think that they cannot live without it. People tend to think TV is the first important thing everyone must have in their homes. On the same hand, they believe that TV has many educational programs. This may be true in the past years, but in today‚Äôs world there is nothing educational on TV. Also it does not help children or people to improve things in their lives. Besides, TV is becoming the most harmful product with its violent programs, commercials, and   influences on children's lives.
First of all,   violence on TV affect children in negative ways. Most people think that TV has no influence on people who become violent, however, they should admit that watching too much TV makes people violent and aggressive. Especially, for children who are in the age of learn new things. We all know that they are more likely to copy the behavior or imitate things which they see on TV everyday. Furthermore, TV gives them a wrong idea, and makes them believe unreal things about the world we live in. Besides that, we all know children are easily catch bad things rather than good things. This affect their relationships in school or society. Violence on TV also affect their emotions. For example, TV lower their morale with its drama,horror, or bloody scenes, and we know every program on the TV has many of them. These programs make them fearful toward the real life or fight against the life.
Moreover, commercials on the TV have a great impact on children. Many commercials on the TV show new things in an impressive way in order to attract children, and force parents to buy them. This gives children the idea of new is always better than the old. Commercials such as, toys, candies,and unhealthy foods   are attract them because they are ready to influence and likely to spend their money if they find things interesting.
Finally, TV has a   great influence on children's social lives. Children's   like to spend their...