Not Withou My Daughter

Date :9 jan 2013

      Book Review

Title: Not Without My Daughter

Author: Betty Mehmoody.
Publisher:     St. Martin's Paperbacks

  Type of book: A Harrowing True Story of Mothers Courage.

Subject Matter:
                              A story of An American woman, trapped in Iran by her brutish husband, find a way to escape with her daughter as well.

Book description:
                    The true story of one woman's struggle to keep her child and win freedom for them both.

Language:   English.
Copy right:   1987, First printed in united states of America.
Pages:       521
Price:     Rs 303
ISBN:   0-312-92588-3
Binding:   Paperback
Paper quality:   Paper quality is not so good, a newspaper   type quality used for this novel.
Width: 4.29
Height: 7.05
Weight: 258

Author Purpose:
                        Author’s purpose in writing the book is that she wants that people came to know about her real time experience. Betty Mehmoody right on this subject because its her real-time experience. Betty Mehmoody trying to tell her story by dramatizing it in action.

Authers style :   Author style is formal and there is forcefulness in her writing.

              True story of an American woman persuaded by her Iranian husband to visit his homeland with their daughter, upon which he informs her that they will never return to the United States.

Thesis:   It's an inspiring story of what a mother will do for her child. 

Description :
                                  In novel the Author wants to shows the importance of understanding and accepting each other's cultures before marrying and having a child. It shows that Betty got married to an Iranian without actually understanding his culture. This is clear by the fact that she rejects his culture after witnessing it.

NARRATION:             On 3rd August 1984 Betty Mahmoody arrived in Iran with her four year old daughter Mahtob. She was convinced by her husband for a...