Not What Your Looking for

Class Project: Case Study
MKTG 4204: Consumer Behavior
May 4, 2011
Jordan Siegel
Natalie Suprise
Emily Trexler

Table of Contents
Case A: Ben and Jerry: 1
A-1: The Company 1
A-2: Company Image 1
A-3: Promoting the Environmental Cause 1
A-4: Effectiveness of the Promotion Campaign 1
A-5: Using Music to Help Provide Aid in Sudan 1
A-6: Largest Baked Alaska for Earth Day 1
A-7: Taking on the Issue of the Decline of Family-Owned Farms in the United States 1
A-8: Other Elements of the Marketing Mix 1
A-9: Ben & Jerry's OriginalValues 1
Case B: BMW: 1
B-1 The Automobile Industry 1
B-2 The Company 1
B-3 Communicating Excellence at BMW 1
B-4 The BMW Driver 1
B-5 All Things BMW 1
B-6 Competition within the Luxury Automobile Segment 1
B-7 Targeting Lower-Price Segments: The MINI and the Certified Preowned BMWs 1
B-7a: A Truly Unique Car: "The MINI puts a smile on your face" 1
B-7b Problems with the MINI 1
B-7c The Certified Preowned BMWs 1
B-8 Recent Developments 1
B-8a: Buying Used BMWs 1
B-8b The BMW Virtual Showroom for Preowned and Premium Selection Vehicles 1
B-8c Financing Made Easier 1
B-8d A New Ad Campaign 1
Case G: Disneyland Resorts Paris: 1
G-1: The Challenge 1
G-2: Marketing Failure 1
G-3: New Strategy 1
Case I: S.C. Johnson Company: 1
I-1: The Company 1
I-2: Corporate Mission 1
I-2a: Family Values 1
I-3: Advertising Campaign 1
I-4: Packaging 1
I-5: Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner 1
I-6: S. C. Johnson Wins the Ron Brown Award 1
I-7: So? 1
Bibliography 1

Case A: Ben and Jerry:

A-1: The Company
Ben & Jerry's is a top maker of superpremium ice cream. Co-founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in 1978 in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, the company was bought by consumer products giant Unilever ( in 2000. The company sells ice cream, ice cream novelties, and frozen yogurt with names such as Phish Food and Cherry...