Norms and Deviance (Sociology)

Application Project
Shaniqua Brown
South University
Application Project
In society there are things that are done a certain way on a daily basis. These actions are considered norms and can fall into the categories of behaviors, standards, and codes of conducts (Kendall, 2014). Norms of society can include not picking your nose in public, saying "thank you" when someone does something for you, and wearing clothing that matches with your gender among many others. With these norms in place most people choose to follow them however, there are some people that goes against them. These people are said to be deviant. People that deviate norms are normally viewed as social outcasts or weird. In some cases deviance is necessary. Social norms are important in how we conduct our lives and how we act.
For the purpose of this assignment the norm I chose to deviate was eating in public without using utensils or my hands. That’s right, I ate in public only using my mouth! I will attempt to explain my experience in this paper. On April 18, 2015 I went to Olive Garden with my husband for dinner. Olive Garden is a nice restaurant but does not require you dress up. After providing our name and waiting for our light to buzz we were finally seated at a table in the middle of the restaurant. This seating was perfect for this experiment. My husband was not aware of what I was going to. When our food came out I remember my heart beating extremely fast because I knew that I was about to do something that was completely outside of my norm and the norm of those around me. I was so completely nervous. Once my plate was sat down I grabbed my napkin and put it over my lap as normal and then I proceeded to bend down and take a bite of my Seafood Alfredo using just my mouth. After I took that bite I looked at my husband with Alfredo sauce on my face and he was completely mortified. He asked me with a tight lip what in the world I was doing. I explained to him that I was working on a project...