Nonvoluntary Euthanasia

Nonvoluntary Euthanasia
        The meaning of Nonvlountary Euthanasia is the killing of individual people who has no capacity to understand what is involved,again out of kindness or a paternal consideration of patient’s best interest.issues that are usually to be considered In this situation first,is the loss capacity to understand what is involved reversible? And if it is,then killing such persons will be in the category of the previously discussed involuntary euthanasia.Secondly,the person is either brain dead or dying if the loss of consciousness is permanent.Thirdly,they must be differentiated from one another if the cases of coma include in these situation and the coma may be reversible.

Brain-stem dead
The brain has 3 layers structure,the brain stem(the base) has command of vital functions like respiration and swallowing and without it we cant perform our body.but organ like heart can function   if receive oxygen through machines.If the person is a respirator-dependant,we are not dealing with a living being because of the fulfillment of the loss of brain-stem.Sometimes,emotional problems involved,but switching off the machine is not the cause of death.
Kennedy argued that patients with severe brain damage deserve mechanical   ventilation at hospital for the purpose of   facilitating diagnosis assessment.No legal objection regarding to dispense the ventilator with other tools used for diagnosis.Conference of The RoyalMedical Colleges and their faculties supported this in the English-Speaking wolrd.
  So this means that the person is already dead if their Brain-stem dead.Some issues to be dealing with are:
(1) To switch   of the macines,court ruling is necessary sometimes
(2) A person can be left on the machines for a suitable time for removal his organ in cases of beating heart donation or post mortem.This was supported by Mason and McCall Smith.
(3) If the person left a living will to donate organs ,can that be proceeded with?
(4) If such persons...