Equality is something Americans strive to maintain while preserving freedom, empowerment, and justice. We as Americans should never be afraid of change. Whether it’s in our personal life or professional life, change is good in leading us to become not only productive citizens of the United States but colorless, non-judgmental citizens of society. The people are in charge of democracy. Change can be conquered through the people’s voice. The purpose of democracy is to prevent limit authority access. We have the power in ourselves to not judge people by the color of their skin and by embracing different cultures and realizing that we all may be different in appearance but are the same as humans. Although, some people believe that there is no system that can ideally order society and that democracy is not morally ideal. These advocates say that at the heart of democracy it is the belief that if a majority is in agreement, it is legitimate to harm the minority (Shafquat, 2009). There are several factors that generate changes in society. These factors include; technology, competition, conflict, political, economic factors, and structural strains. These modifications affect how people define family and social relationships, how they work and generate an economy, how they educate, how they govern themselves, and finally how they make meaning out of life (Shafquat, 2009).
        Today, African Americans are still treated unfairly because of not only their skin color but because history is repeating itself. Blacks and white may have equality as dictated by laws but in reality, but democracy is the only political model where all human rights can be respected by all.   “Our government is becoming less democratic, responsive mainly to the privileged and not a powerful instrument to correct disadvantages or to look out for the majority” (Leusner, 1991). This paper discusses race and ethnicity that was presented in the literary works of “Child of the America’s” written by Levin...

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