Throughout the years, your imagination has taken you to new worlds filled with adventure. Now as you start a new journey to a new world filled with new adventures, I want to remind you of a few things I have learned along the way. Take these with you in your journey. Stay true to yourself
The young man you have become is exactly who you were supposed to become. Know what you want and go for it, despite what anyone else says, including me! Be good to yourself You are strong, funny, and honest. Never stray from those qualities. Taking care of yourself and being good to yourself helps you be good to others.     Be good to others   Your amazing and kind heart is what draws people to you. For years, people have spoken of your kindness and politeness. Treat people well and they will treat you well. And if they don't, then you've at least done the right thing. When in question, wait   Ask God.   Everything will be ok When you feel as if your world is crashing around you and things couldn't possibly get worse, know that it could. But...know that everything will be ok. Nothing will last forever - not heartache, not problems.   I have raised you to be a strong and   independent man,   ready to venture out on your own.   And as much as I am looking forward to seeing you spread your wings and enjoy your independence, I know you will fall from time to time. When you do, know that I will always be there for you.
Son   I love you
even when I get frustrated with you, always know that I still love you.

Son you have an incredible life ahead of you.   Make your life SPECTACULAR.
I am very proud of you.


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