Developmental Theories Paper
Jennie Tercero
BSHS 361 Child Development
December 7, 2010
Betsabe Salcido

Developmental Theories Paper
Psychodynamic theory introduced by Sigmund Freud which emphasizes how the experience of early childhood shape the development of adult personality. Is the theory selected to observe a fifteen year girl, a thirteen year old boy and a ten year old boy. Also using the contextual approaches.
The fifteen year girl is very independent, smart, and pretty.   She is always self motivated and committed.   The psychodynamic theory is the perfect theory to use with her because since she was a little girl she was always wanting to do things on her own and trying new things without fear.   She was born natural, two weeks early, very alert, talked very early and walked at ten months. The first day of   head start   she rode the bus to school, did not want for parents to stay with her like others children in her class, and always so helpful with others children that would cry for their moms and dads.   The teacher was pleasantly surprised that she had a student so independent at that age. She never had issues with making friends, very outgoing till this day. Parents never had issues with her homework or her grades in school very self discipline. As a teenager she is still very self disciplined and very committed. A very good girl for her age and not wasting time doing things that will effect later.
The thirteen year boy is very athletic, smart and handsome.   He is also self motivated and committed. He was a premature when he was born by cesarean and behind developing. He struggle in first grade, was behind in reading but gradually caught up. He has always loved sports and very dedicated.   He likes football, track and boxing. He sets goals and completes all his tasks. Even though he struggled with his grades in first grade he became very competitive and now is honor student. Since he was a premature baby he is very tiny for a thirteen year old but...

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