Analysis of Video Sessions

My first client was a 24 year old female from my neighborhood. The client had on a pink shirt, black pants, and black boots. The client appeared to be in her right state of mind and not under the influence of any substances. She discussed her frustration with her child father.   Her child father lives with her currently. The client also stated that the original purpose of him moving in was to help take care of their child. She stated that he does not help her with their daughter or cleaning around the house. She said that they have a nonexistent relationship. The client also said that she tried to define the relationship and her child father was nonresponsive. She is to the point where she feels hurt and fed up.
My strengths during the interview were mostly just because I remembered what the text said to accomplish during an interview. During this interview I used open ended questions, reflection on feelings, paraphrasing, summarizing, and attending behavior. I initiated the session at the beginning. There was no reason to try gathering a lot of data because the client gave me most of it. The session was very short and I was unable to complete all of my steps. The client had a lot to say and did not need too much encouragement to talk.
My weaknesses during the interview were obvious. I feel as though I appeared nervous and seemed as though I was forcing the Five Stages of Interviewing. I could have some up with better questions but I was over thinking my next move. I showed weakness in letting my nerves get the best of me. I believe it was due to being on camera.   I will have to start taping all sessions in order to get more familiar with the camera.
My second session was with a young man about 23-24 years old from my neighborhood.   He was dressed in a black hoodie, black jeans, and tennis.   The client appeared to be in his right state of mind and not under the influence of any substances. He discussed his issues with his child...

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